Once the line breaks on a snag that bobber is gone forever with the Airless Bottle Manufacturers current


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HOME MADE BOBBER FOR CATFISHING I have lost a couple of larger
bobbers when fishing for catfish on the Ohio River. Even when I
bought them at a flea market they still cost $3 each. Once the
line breaks on a snag that bobber is gone forever with the
Airless Bottle Manufacturers current. So a friend of mine show me a way to make up my own
bobber that cost next to nothing.

The biggest concern is how much current you plan on fishing in
with the boober. A large bobber can be made to handle 5-6 ounces
in sinkers to hold the line steady. A smaller one 3-5 ounces will
do a good job for you. For a large bobber use a 20 ounce plastic
soft drink bottle. A smaller one use either an 8 or 12 ounce
plastic juce bottle. Stuff the bottle with styrofoam pieces. One
source I use is the styrofoam take out coffee cups. Just cut them
up and stuff in the bottle until filled. Screw a very small
eyelet screw into the top of the bottle cap. Put some glue in the
cap by the screw and the inside Airless Bottle Manufacturers of the cap then tighten it to the

The final touch is paint the bottom half of the bottle with a
florescence paint. Whatever color you like just so you can spot
the bober after a long cast. The bobber will NOT cast as far as a
streamline bobber, but will do a good job of showing a bite.

This can save YOU a buck or two for you over a fishing season.
Tight line and lots of action.
nlcatfish@fuse.net webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing